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GRE VOCABULARY - List of Common Prefixes

The following list of Prefixes should help you arrive at the definitions of unfamiliar words on the Verbal Section of the GRE. These prefixes, suffixes, and roots apply to thousands of words.

Prefix Meaning Example
pre- before precede
de- away, from deter
inter- between interstate
ob- against objection
in- into instruct
mono- alone, one monolith
epi- upon epilogue
mis- wrong mistake
sub- under submarine
trans- across, beyond transcend
over- above overbearing
ad- to, toward advance
non- not nonentity
com- together, with composite
re- back, again regress
ex- out of expel
in- not insufficient
pro- forward propel
anti- against antidote
omni- all, everywhere omniscient
equi- equal, equally equivalent
homo- same, equal, like homogenized
semi- half, partly semicircle
un- not unneeded
bi- two bicycle
poly- many polymorphous
retro- backward retrograde
mal- bad malfunction
hyper- over, too much hyperactive
hypo- under, too little hypodermic
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